Cost-Effective Brilliance: Maximizing ROI w/ Digital Printing in Marketing

A well-thought out cross media marketing campaign that incorporates print and digital strategies can help to maximize your ROI. From utilizing personalized marketing to increasing your brand’s visibility, these tips from Lindmark will help you take your marketing to the next level.

Every year, over 6 million newborns worldwide suffer from severe jaundice. Untreated, this condition can lead to disability and even death in infants. Currently, the most effective treatment available is phototherapy, which utilizes compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). These devices are costly to purchase and maintain, with bulbs that only last three to five months at best. In developing countries, these costs can be prohibitive – and even for hospitals that have access to CFL-based equipment, the cost of electricity and replacement bulbs can add up to more than half of the total device price.

Enter Design Organization D-Rev and its innovative new medical product, Brilliance – a blue light that safely treats severe jaundice for a fraction of the cost of existing devices. The result of two years of research and development, the Brilliance device uses LEDs instead of CFLs – which not only are more energy-efficient and long-lasting, but also significantly lower the cost of ownership for medical providers in poorer countries.

By partnering with Phoenix Medical Systems of India, D-Rev was able to sell the device at roughly 1/10th the price of comparable models in developed markets. The company’s goal is to bring the device to other emerging markets as demand increases.

Using a unique patent-pending design, the Brilliance device has several key advantages over other phototherapy products:

The first of its kind, the innovative Brilliance device utilizes LEDs instead of CFLs that are more efficient and longer-lasting. Its integrated design allows for placement with other critical medical equipment in the hospital and includes SmartTilt technology to ensure uniform light intensity regardless of the angle at which it’s being used. Additionally, the streamlined and simplified device is designed to be durable and easy to use in harsh conditions.

As a result, the device can treat 500 newborns with a single treatment, and can be operated by hospital nurses who may have minimal training. Compared to traditional phototherapy equipment, a single Brilliance device is estimated to cost less than $25 per year, including the cost of electricity and bulbs.

The personalization capabilities offered by digital printing company can also improve ROI by allowing you to create specific messaging for each target audience. By incorporating variable data elements, like QR codes or personalized addresses, marketers can deliver a message that is more relevant to each individual recipient – and increase the likelihood of conversions.

By eliminating the need for costly printing plates, digital printing can also reduce setup costs – and allow for quicker turnaround times to meet tight deadlines. It’s also easier to change designs on the fly with digital printing, which can save time when a campaign needs to be changed in response to a sudden shift in market trend or event. To find o more about digital printing visit the nearest Orlando Printing Services center on your area.

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