What Will A Tax Levy Lawyer Do For You?

In the event of an IRS levy, you may need a skilled and experienced tax attorney. While you may feel comfortable representing yourself in an installment agreement or a simple audit, you will need the help of a qualified tax attorney if the matter becomes complex. A qualified tax levy attorney can review your tax liability and recommend the best course of action. A tax attorney is also a certified public accountant, which is a valuable asset when facing the IRS.

It is crucial to hire a tax levy lawyer as soon as you receive the notice from the IRS. They can defend you from aggressive IRS collection tactics and negotiate a payment plan with the IRS. They can also negotiate with your employer to resolve your tax debt and avoid a deficiency judgment. A tax attorney can help you avoid the IRS from seizing your property and paycheck. They can also help you get back on your feet financially and put an end to your debt for good.

If you have a large amount of debt, hiring a Tax Levy Lawyer is important. An experienced lawyer will be able to negotiate with your creditors and secure the best possible settlement for you. You can lose your car or your home if you can’t pay back the debt. Hiring a Tax Levy Lawyer will help you avoid these consequences and keep your property. A qualified tax levy lawyer will protect your rights, fight for you in court, and help you avoid bankruptcy.

A Tax Controversy Manager has the experience and knowledge of the IRS processes to successfully handle your case. They have successfully completed numerous Offers in Compromise and closing deals with taxing authorities. Moreover, they can negotiate with the IRS for the release of liens and levies. They can also waive thousands of dollars in penalties for late payments. They handle about half of their cases as representation. The Tax Controversy Manager has a thorough understanding of the IRS procedures and can take a stand in front of the IRS.

You can trust a tax attorney to protect your interests during the IRS audit. While most IRS agents are polite, some are not. A tax attorney can serve as your advocate and mediator between you and the IRS. Your lawyer will make sure the proper documentation is sent to the IRS. They will handle tedious case work for you, and deal with the IRS in your best interest. If you are faced with an IRS audit, hiring a Tax attorney is essential to protect your rights and get the maximum refund.

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